ChipMixer is a long-standing Bitcoin mixing service (or “Bitcoin tumbler”) that is designed to obfuscate the source of a customer’s BTC. It does this through proprietary methods that are not exactly known, but you can rest assured that the Bitcoin you receive at the end of the process cannot be traced back to the Bitcoin you sent to it. ChipMixer has been in operation since May 2017 and in this time, it has racked up very few legitimate complaints against it. To sum it up, ChipMixer is basically regarded as the most honest Bitcoin mixer around.

ChipMixer link – chipmr5szekl6matkngioeepex7z4gc42wo7pbaoehlsywm2cvrk6zyd.onion

ChipMixer has websites on both the clearnet and the darknet. Keep in mind these two URLs are the only legitimate ChipMixer URLs, and if you attempt to use any other, you will get scammed. If you are looking to maximize anonymization, we recommend utilizing the darknet version. ChipMixer is a free service, meaning the customer can choose to pay a service charge of whatever amount they see fit (it is generally considered good etiquette to leave at least a small tip).

How Does ChipMixer Work?

ChipMixer works by taking your bitcoins (minimum deposit = 0.001 BTC) and sending you a “chip” (or “chips”) of a pre-specified amount composed of other peoples’ bitcoins. The “chip” is basically just BTC in a new address for which you are provided the private key. The chips you receive are always created before your deposit is received. This breaks the blockchain link between your bitcoins and thus their previous transaction history, making them more “fungible” and difficult to trace. There is no account creation process, no JavaScript, and no logs stored outside of a “session token” and “voucher” that allows you to redeem your chips.

What Kind of Features Does it Have?

ChipMixer is loaded with different customization options to further enhance the fungibility of your bitcoins. They include the following:

  • Full control over your mixing, making the process as random as you choose.
  • You can specify which chip denominations you would like to receive your outputs in.
  • Once withdrawn, you can “cash out” the chips at any time of your choosing.
  • You can set different transaction fees on each chip output manually.


  • Let’s say you make a deposit of 0.1 BTC. You receive three chips: one for 0.064 BTC, one for 0.032 BTC, and one for 0.004 BTC.
  • You can split the 0.064 BTC chip into 2 x 0.032 BTC chips and split the 0.004 BTC chip into 2 x 0.002 BTC chips.
  • You can choose to donate one of the 0.002 BTC chips to ChipMixer and click to withdrawal the remaining four chips. You will then receive private keys to these four chips and can move the BTC inside of them at a time of your choosing.

Limitations of ChipMixer

You must make all deposits to a session address within seven days after starting a session. You must also retain possession of your session token because this acts as your session ID and password – if you lose it, there will be no way to redeem your chips (if you haven’t already). Chips come in predetermined denominations, meaning extra amounts sent to ChipMixer that do not fit these denominations will be treated as donations. Also keep in mind that blockchain forensics firms like Chainalysis claim to be able to de-anonymize certain ChipMixer transactions, though this is largely due to customer transaction behavior post-mix.

ChipMixer URL –


In all, it’s hard to name a better Bitcoin mixing service than ChipMixer. Their team has remained totally anonymous for almost five years now, and in this time, they’ve developed a reputation for doing the right thing. Their good business practices have earned them a huge amount of BTC in donations over the years, and despite some negative publicity by the mainstream press in recent years, they show no signs of stopping any time soon.

For a comprehensive guide on Chip Mixer please visit our guide on ChipMixer.

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