Darknetlive is a darknet market-themed news website and link collection that has a presence on both the clearnet and darknet. It has been in operation since early 2018 and has become one of the most trusted sources for links to darknet markets. Darknetlive is also a news site, having published thousands of articles pertaining to the dark web and its markets over the last four years. It also maintains a repository of several other .onion sites and is known for its accuracy in only providing legitimate links. This makes it a great resource for those looking to visit the darknet and create an account on a site without the risk of getting phished.

Darknetlive first rose to prominence after the shutdown of DeepDotWeb in May 2019 as an alternative go-to for darknet market links. Unlike DeepDotWeb, however, Darknetlive does not receive income from market referrals and has thus been described as a “legal gateway” to darknet markets. It has been hailed by fellow link provider dark.fail as “the only professional in the game” (referring to market link curation services) and has been mentioned by a number of mainstream news outlets, including the New York Times, Reuters, Vice News, and Bitcoin Magazine. The owner of Darknetlive is anonymous but can be contacted via email or Jabber. They also have a presence on the Dread darknet forum.

How it Works

Darknetlive is an extremely straight-forward website that is very easy to use. The site consists of the following components, which are divided into labeled pages in the top menu area:

  • Arrests. An extensive list of known arrests of darknet market vendors, along with the vendors’ real names, markets operated, goods, location of arrest, and details about the arrest. Has only been updated once in 2022.
  • Markets. A list of the more popular and well-known darknet markets that are currently active, as well as verifiable mirrors and the market’s PGP fingerprint. They can be filtered by market type.
  • Crypto. A list of cryptocurrency resources, mainly pertaining to coin mixers/blenders, wallets, swapping services, search engines, and guides. They can be filtered by subject. They can be filtered by subject.
  • Forums. A list of URLs for popular darknet forums that cover a wide variety of topics. They can be filtered by subject.
  • Onions. An extensive list of “onion service links” that include links from all other pages as well as some that don’t fit in anywhere else. This is the best place to find a link via a quick search.
  • Shops. A list of URLs to independent darknet vendor shops. Displays the PGP fingerprint used by each vendor. They can be filtered by website type.

The default home page displays the most recent news items written by the site’s authors.


In all, Darknetlive is a great resource for those looking for the latest in news about darknet markets or searching for a verifiable link to a darknet market. The site also maintains links to many other .onion sites that are not found on some of its peers, such as darkfail or tortaxi. They have been vouched for by several leaders in the darknet community and are considered to be a trustworthy source of information.

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