Launched and maintained by Dread forum founder HugBunter, Daunt is an “authenticated darknet link directory” that was created so darknet users could easily find reliable links to some of the world’s most popular onion and I2P sites. These include 10 darknet markets, 8 forums, 2 vendor shops and over 40 others, including links to popular crypto exchangers, email services, wallets, wikis, news sites, and more. Daunt is available on both the clearnet and Tor (note the onion URL frequently gets DDOS attacked, so we recommend visiting the clearnet version using the Tor browser for now).

Daunt link – http://dauntdatakit2xi4usevwp3pajyppsgsrbzkfqyrp6ufsdwrnm6g5tqd.onion

All links on Daunt come with a link-containing PGP message signed by the source. This means if you have the PGP public key of the source, you can verify the legitimacy of the link provided. Daunt is thus a darknet link aggregator with the added bonus of allowing anyone to verify the source of every link via PGP signed verification. When used correctly, it can help prevent losses due to phishing and provide working mirrors when others are down. Its clearnet URL is also easy to remember, which makes it a very convenient utility for dark web users, browsers, and researchers.

About Daunt

Daunt was launched on Mar 5, 2023, coinciding with the return of the Dread forum. According to language on the site, it was created “to overcome DoS attacks that have plagued the Tor network and damage accessibility not only to the targeted services but the network as a whole.” As part of the Dread Network, Daunt is integrated with Dread, meaning Dread users can log into the site using a trustless authentication key created with the forum’s “Code Generator” feature. This allows Daunt users to have different levels of link access based on privileges granted to them by a service provider. Basic market and other links can still be viewed without having to log in, however.

Darknet Markets Listed on Daunt

Currently, links for the following markets can be found on Daunt: Abacus, Archetyp, ASAP, Bohemia, Cannabia, Cypher, Dark Matter Market, Incognito, Kingdom Market, and Tor2Door.

Interesting Non-Market Links Hosted on Daunt

Some other services at risk for impersonation by phishers that have links on Daunt include KYC-free crypto exchangers like LocalMonero, AgoraDesk, Infinity Exchanger, and Xchange.me, as well as wallet software providers like Feather Wallet. Links to educational resources like the XMR Guide, Psychonaut Wiki, Darknet Bible, and Just Another Library are provided as well. Also to be found are links to VPN services, hosting services, storage services, email providers, search engines, torrenting sites and forums relating to discussion about a wide variety of subjects.

Daunt url – http://dauntdatakit2xi4usevwp3pajyppsgsrbzkfqyrp6ufsdwrnm6g5tqd.onion

Other Considerations

Note that just because a link is hosted on Daunt, it doesn’t necessarily mean the link is functional. Accordingly, remember that just because a market or other service is listed on Daunt, it does not mean it won’t scam its users or otherwise not work as described. Some links are immediately visible, while others will require the solving of a captcha in order to be viewed. Finally, some links will only be visible to those who are logged in and have the necessary permissions. To maximize your safety and make the fullest use of Daunt, verify each link when possible by validating the PGP signed message containing the link.

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