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Liberty Market is a well-maintained darknet market that was launched in December 2020. It is a bit on the smaller side but supports an active stream of buyers and vendors that ship worldwide. For those who aren’t too picky about that for which they are searching, Liberty provides an adequate selection of basic sellers on darknet markets. There are a lot of high-profile, veteran vendors who have moved to Liberty after the recent closure of White House Market. This suggests vendors find it to be something of a competent, dependable operation, and thus far it has been. Unlike its competitors, Liberty loads fast and suffers from little downtime — perhaps due to its relative smallness.

One thing we like about Liberty is how clean and simple it is. It does not feel cluttered and is incredibly easy to navigate. It is easy to find out everything you need to know about a product right away, without having to search multiple pages or tabs. The market also maintains a fair number of mirrors which keep it easily accessible. You must register an account to view the contents of the market. Though the market being escrow-only is a bit of a turnoff, it carries itself well in all other areas — well enough to attract the attention of several well-known vendors.

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Product Selection

Since Liberty is a newer market, still less than a year old, it is a little light in listings, with slightly over 6,000 products and services being advertised at any given time. As with most darknet markets, most of these listings are in the Drugs category. Other categories sported by Liberty include Fraud, Digital Products, Counterfeits, Services, and Software. Sections are conveniently divided into subsections, which are easily filterable using Liberty’s plentiful filter options.

Payment Methods

Liberty supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment options. This market uses the basic account wallet system where you must first load funds into your account before making a purchase. Though order types seem to be limited to Escrow and Finalize Early (FE), Liberty says that multisig transactions are available. Taking part in this option likely requires a reputable buyer account in a bulk order situation and must be mediated through market moderators. As with most markets, the Finalize Early option is reserved for well-established sellers with a trustworthy reputation.

Liberty Market Pros

  • Easy-to-use interface, visually friendly, non-cluttered.
  • Supports XMR as a payment option.
  • Robust uptime has attracted several experienced vendors.

Liberty Market Cons

  • Somewhat limited in product and service listings.
  • No direct pay or multisig payments (except for special requests).

In all, Liberty Market seems to be coming up as one of the best darknet markets, having taken in several vendors since the closure of White House Market. Though not as big as some, this will assuredly change if the market can continue to maintain its reputation as being dependable and easily accessible. There is of course always the risk of exit scam, but the negative effects of this can be minimized by never keeping more money on the market than you need to make a purchase.

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