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Where to Buy Weed on the Darknet in 2023

Darknet markets have their ups and downs, have come and gone through the years, and certain categories of products fall in and out of popularity. But one thing that you can count on is the fact that there will always be at least a few DNMs out there offering a great selection of weed and cannabis-related products at great prices. In this article, we compare what nine of the world’s biggest DNMs currently have to offer for those who enjoy marijuana in any of its forms, including various extracts, tinctures, edibles, and more.

The decriminalization and legalization of cannabis and THC-containing products has been a worldwide trend for the last 25 years, making it easier to obtain now than ever in many countries. Yet cannabis remains the #1 physical product sold on darknet markets. The increasing availability of weed around the world also means that product quality has improved while prices have lowered, which translates to some great deals for buyers on the darknet.

Of course, there are still some considerations to be taken before rushing out to the dark web to purchase some weed. They include the following:

  • Competency of market. You don’t want to get mixed up with a fly-by-night market that is bad at its job and ready to run away with your funds without notice. Markets should be designed with sound security in mind, release funds to vendors in a timely fashion, and be good stewards of escrowed funds entrusted with them. This is why we are only mentioning relatively well-established markets in this article that have developed a positive reputation with the DNM community.
  • Competency of vendor. There are literally thousands of DNM vendors out there who sell weed and related products. However, perhaps only 25% of them are very good at it. This is why we recommend sticking to experienced vendors that have a lot of sales under their belt and a lot of positive reviews. Ideally, they not only ship high-quality products quickly, but are also known for having good stealth, which is the art of packaging an order to ensure it is not held up at customs or a local postal facility.
  • Competency of personal OpSec. Short for “Operational Security,” OpSec is the art of putting oneself in the shoes of an adversary in order to find potential weaknesses in their own internet usage and crypto transacting habits. A couple of basic OpSec practices that any DNM user should employ are 1) always encrypting shipping information using a vendor’s PGP key yourself and 2) using Monero (XMR) instead of Bitcoin (BTC) whenever possible. Buyers should never send BTC or XMR to a DNM address straight from a centralized crypto exchange, as well.

The markets mentioned below vary in terms of cryptocurrencies accepted, payment methods supported, number of listings, customer support, vendor selection, subcategories for listings, and general ease of navigation. A few things these markets all have in common include:

  • They have an excellent selection of marijuana-related products.
  • They support Monero (XMR).
  • They are considered to be at least somewhat trustworthy.

Not every market supports Direct Pay (per order) payments or will have a lot of vendors willing to ship to your location. Also keep in mind that just because a market supports Direct Pay and/or BTC Multisig as payment options, it does not mean that vendors will necessarily have them enabled. Some vendors prefer to use a market’s traditional escrow system due to it being a much simpler and more convenient process. Many vendors for which Finalize Early (FE) is enabled prefer buyer make use of it, but this should be considered only for those who have an outstanding reputation.

Here is a comparative table including nine darknet markets which offer a particularly large selection of marijuana-related products, showing payment options, total number of cannabis-related listings, and number of subcategory listings for each market, with details about each column provided below:

MarketDirect Pay?Multi-sig?Total ListingsBuds / FlowersConcen-tratesEdiblesHashVape CartsPrerollsSeeds
Kingdom MarketNoNo260015241441565401322123
Royal MarketYesNo66001072192788077431

Market With the Biggest Selection of Listings

The biggest market for cannabis and related products by far is ASAP, with almost 17,000 such listings overall. ASAP is a hugely popular darknet market that has been around since late 2020. Whatever you’re looking for, ASAP will most likely have it. It’s not the most well-organized market in terms of listings, and it is limited to market escrow-only payments (no Direct Pay or Multisig), but they have a ton of listings in every major cannabis-related subcategory, which also include ‘Shake’ and ‘Synthetics’.

Because of their massive size, ASAP may seem a little impersonal compared to other darknet markets. For instance, it may take a while for support tickets to be processed and disputes to be settled, so if you have a problem, you may be on your own. Still, given the sheer number of different listings they have – from vendors located all around the globe – they are definitely worth giving a look. A great thing about ASAP is you can browse what they have for sale without logging in, which can save you the trouble of having to create an account if it’s not right for you.

Direct Pay

Markets that have a form of Direct Pay option will allow you to make a product purchase without having to pre-fund your wallet. This is handy for those who would rather not keep their crypto in a market account wallet. Instead of having to load an account with funds, the amount to be paid for a purchase is provided to the buyer upon checkout. The market then holds these funds in their escrow until the buyer finalizes the order, thus releasing them to the vendor. This option definitely simplifies the payment process as fluctuations in crypto prices never need to be taken into account by the buyer.

There are quite a few markets that currently support Direct Pay. In addition to Bohemia and Cannabia, which are two of the leading darknet markets for cannabis and related products, Royal Market has an easy-to-use Direct Pay system, as does Tor2Door. Of these four options, probably the two easiest markets to use for Direct Pay are Royal Market and Tor2Door as this option seems to be enabled for all vendors.


Bitcoin multisignature payments are a payment method that requires 2 of 3 parties to sign off on a transaction involving the release of funds (the 3 parties being the buyer, vendor, and market). This is a great way for buyers to retain some control of their funds while their order is being processed. If the order never arrives, the buyer and market can sign to send the funds back to the buyer. If the buyer receives the order but never finalizes it, the market and vendor can sign to send the funds to the vendor. Finally, if the market goes down, the buyer and vendor can sign to complete the transaction without it.

While not a whole lot of markets support multisig, a few do and have cannabis product vendors using it as a payment option. Tor2Door is the best market for those interested in making a multisig payment, with about 285 listings that can be purchased in this manner. It is the only market that actively encourages buyers and vendors to make use of multisig payments and thus provides good support for them. Abacus is another such market, with about 175 cannabis-related listings available for purchase with multisig. Most of these vendors are based in Europe, but many are willing to ship internationally.

Buds / Flowers

In case you didn’t know, these are terms for the smokeable part of cannabis or marijuana plant that is commonly referred to as “weed.” Every DNM that hosts drug sales has a Buds, Flowers, or Cannabis category, and it is often the most populated in terms of listings. Cannabis strains are usually labeled as being sativa, indica, or hybrid (a combination thereof). Buds (the “flower” of marijuana) come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as potencies, flavors, and even colors. Often their percentage of THC is displayed in the descriptions of listings, which are usually identified by name of the strain.

The market with the biggest selection of Buds / Flowers is ASAP, which has listings for just about any strain you can think of, delivered to just about every content. If ASAP doesn’t have the bud you are looking for, your next best bet is Bohemia, which offers almost as many listings. Bohemia also supports Direct Pay and Multisig payments, which may be your preference when paying for an order. A distant runner-up in this category is Tor2Door, which also supports Direct Pay and Multisig payments.


Concentrates refer to a solid or occasionally liquid extract of marijuana product which have a particularly high concentration of THC. They are more easily portable though sometimes require special paraphernalia for smoking (i.e., “dabbing”). The most popular types of concentrates include shatter, wax, resin, rosin, diamonds (pure THC), and distillate.

The markets with the biggest selections of concentrates include ASAP and Bohemia, although several vape cart listings are included in Bohemia’s subcategory for concentrates which inflates their count. Another solid choice for checking out concentrates is Cannabia, a sister market of Bohemia, which offers cannabis products only. Like Bohemia, it also features support for Direct Pay and BTC Multisig payments.


As the name implies, these are marijuana-derived products that are ready for consumption. They are great for those who would rather not have to smoke or inhale anything and are especially convenient for getting high on the go. The THC in edibles is pre-activated by heat from the cooking process which allows the high to occur through digestion rather than inhalation. Edibles come in many forms, including baked goods, candies, chips (crisps), and chocolate bars. They also include drinks like sodas and tinctures.

In terms of number of listings for edibles, ASAP blows all other markets out of the water, with almost 1500 such listings in all. They have a giant selection of candies: gummies, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, etc. They also have a variety of interesting baked goods, like Rice Krispy Treats, cookies, and corn chips. Bohemia is in the #2 spot, followed by Tor2Door, which also has a nice variety of edibles.


Hash is a concentrated form of marijuana that is compressed and contains only certain parts of the plant. Therefore, it usually has a higher concentration of THC than regular cannabis, but not always. It often comes in block form, which makes greater quantities of it easy to transport, and is made to have a longer shelf life than regular buds. It is thus popular in areas of the world where marijuana cannot easily be grown.

In addition to ASAP and Bohemia, which are once again the leaders of listings for this category, Incognito offers a fairly robust selection of hash products; some of which aren’t seen in other markets. Tor2Door also has several distinct listings for hash and is a go-to for those looking to make a purchase using BTC Multisig.

Carts / Vapes

These are both terms used frequently by DNMs to describe vape cartridges and e-liquids, which contain a THC liquid concentrate that is vaporized by a device and inhaled. Vaping is a highly popular way to consume THC because devices are small, portable, and usually not very expensive. This subcategory of cannabis products also includes vape pens which are often disposable, thrown away after the liquid inside has been consumed. Like their nicotine counterparts, THC vape cartridges and e-liquids come in a wide variety of flavors and potency, as well as strains.

While ASAP once again leads this category in overall number of listings, Incognito is a close second, with almost 340 listings for vape cartridges and pens in total. They include an astounding array of flavors, including blueberry lemonade, banana, blackberry, raspberry, and even biscotti. A third market choice with an equally compelling selection of carts and e-liquids is Cannabia.


As the name suggests, a “preroll” is a cannabis joint that has been pre-assembled and is ready to be smoked. Prerolls often come in their own individual cannisters made of plastic or glass. These serve to help keep the material inside them fresh and can be used to preserve the remainder if the whole joint is not smoked at once. Prerolls are great for their convenience as they don’t require any sort of joint-rolling skills. They sometimes come with an infusion of concentrates such as kief, hash oil, or resin.

Once again, ASAP and Bohemia dominate the category, with over 150 prerolls listings on each market. ASAP has a large number of listings for prerolls with special infusions in them, dipped in various forms of THC concentrates. They also have a nice selection of blunts which contain more cannabis and use cigar wrapping as opposed to regular joint paper. Other good markets for prerolls include Archetyp and Tor2Door.


These are marijuana plant seeds identified by the type of strain that they will produce. Seeds are often “feminized,” meaning they stand a stronger likelihood of producing female plants, which contain the sought-after marijuana flowers (buds). Seeds can be grown outdoors or indoors, especially with hydroponics systems that specialize in the controlled delivery of water and nutrients to growing plants.

Bohemia dominates all other markets when it comes to seeds, with 110 current listings in all. Here you’ll find listings for seeds for several of the world’s most famous marijuana strains, including White Widow (as pictured above), OG Kush, Skunk, Girl Scout Cookies, and Northern Lights. Other decent markets for seeds listings include Cannabia and Archetyp.

Other Market Features

Ease of navigation – Royal Market. If you want to shop at a market that is easy to navigate but also has a splendid selection of weed products, we recommend checking out Royal Market. Their product selection is well-laid out, making it easy to find subcategories and products for which you are searching. They also offer tutorials on how to make deposits and place orders.

Support for Litecoin – Kingdom Market. If you are looking to pay using Litecoin (LTC), Kingdom Market is the place for you. LTC transfers that make use of the network’s recently-enabled MWEB technology are afforded a level of privacy only rivaled by Monero.

Cannabis-only market – Cannabia. If you don’t want to bother with the clutter of listings not pertaining to your weed-purchasing experience, head on over to Cannabia. They specialize in cannabis-related products — no need to bother with other stuff that doesn’t appeal to you.

Built-in exchange – Tor2Door. If you are in need of XMR and only have BTC (or vice-versa), Tor2Door has a new exchange feature that will allow you to convert one coin into the other for a flat fee of 2%. While other markets also have such a feature, Tor2Door is considered to be particularly trustworthy and reliable, and we suggest checking out that one first.

Conclusion & Parting Words of Advice

There are a lot of places on the dark web from which you can purchase marijuana or THC-containing products, but depending on your wants and needs, you’ll find that some are better than others. You’ll likely want to take into consideration the quality of listings for the subcategories you are most interested, the market’s payment options, and their overall selection of vendors.

When placing an order for the first time on any market, we recommend doing due diligence in researching the vendor (make sure they are not a newbie and their reviews reflect good stealth for delivery). Also be sure to read their shipping information preferences so you’ll know what they expect of you. Remember that even though its arguably the safest of all recreational drugs, your package may be confiscated by postal inspectors if it smells like weed. So don’t be tempted to buy from less-experienced vendors who may not know what they’re doing, even if their prices are cheaper.

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